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News Flyer

Fall 2017

Check out our fall edition of our newsletter.  This newsletter is mailed to  homes in the surrounding communities allowing us to better communicate the things we are doing here at S&S Jerseyland Dairy. Feel free to click "read more" to view the online version. 

Now Hiring

Jerseyland Dairy is unique compared to most farms offering a variety of different jobs from working with new born calves, in the barns, or on the cropping team. We are always looking for new people to bring their talent and ideas to the team. Please check out our career page if you are interested in joining our team. 

During the first week of September, five S&S Jerseyland employees went to a calf training seminar provided by Land O' Lakes. This professional training focused on practices and protocols that will be implemented at our new calf facility. One of our goals is to provide our animals with professional care by people who have been trained and specialize in calf care.

"From Black and White

to the

Little Brown Cow!"

In 2014 we were featured in the Dairy Horizons magazine. This article mentions what the future holds for the Jersey breed, the relationship S&S Jerseyland Dairy has with CRI/Genex, and briefly states other farm facts. Feel free to click "read more" to view the whole article.

S&S Jerseyland Dairy Welcomes You!

Please take a moment to navigate your way through our new website. Within this website you can find some history of the farm, pictures of our new facility, and most importantly contact information. Also, be sure to read our latest newsletter that was mailed out in June that is to the right.

Latest News 

Our heritage. Our passion. Our business.

It's time to start cozying up into our winter gear

October 2015

Now that the cooler temperatures have approached it's time for our baby calves to start enjoying their winter gear. These calf jackets allow the calves to utilize the energy they consume from their milk for growing purposes rather than trying to stay warm. Our calves also have the luxury of being housed in temperature controlled rooms once born. This allows the calves to be protected from the frigid weather that we are provided with from Mother Nature.

The harvesting season is wrapping up

October 2015

It is important for us to harvest the crops at the right time to ensure high quality feed is being provided for our Jerseys. In the fall, we harvest corn silage, high moisture corn, dry corn, and soybean. Through the harvesting season we are always testing the crop as it arrives at the farm making sure the moisture levels are consistent from load to load and from field to field.

Receiving specialized training

September 2015

S&S Jerseyland Dairy recognized during the Profit Tour

October 2015

In the beginning of October CRI brought 60 individuals to come tour S&S Jerseyland Dairy through the Profit Tour program. This 15 year old program allows individuals to sign up from other countries to come visit different American agricultural industries. This year people from Germany, Czech Republic, Russia, Belarus, China, and Pakistan represented themselves during this tour. The tour is set up to be a training and learning opportunity for

customers, industry professionals, and sales representatives all within the CRI Company. Bob Stratton, Associated Vice President- International Marketing with CRI stated, "We decided to choose S&S Jerseyland Dairy as one of our stops as they are very unique to the industry by having an all Jersey herd. They have also been good clients to us. Many people do no know, but S&S Jerseyland Dairy is setting the bar high for the dairy industry always being proactive."

S&S Jerseyland Dairy appeard in the Hoard's Dairyman magazine this month. This is exciting for the team to read an article they are currently working at. This helps ensure the quality of work S&S Jerseyland does. Being a leader in the dairy industry is always exciting. Feel free to click "read more" to view the online version.

Appearing in the Hoard's Dairyman 

October 2015

John Deere Factory Tour

March 2016

Dairy Calf and Heifer Association

April 2016

Several employees on the cropping team traveled to the John Deere plant in Waterloo, IA.  They toured the manufacturing plant and were able to watch two tractors being built.  They also went through the history of John Deere and how technology has been changing over the years and becoming more accurate with the use of precision agriculture; such as GPS.

S & S Jerseyland Dairy LLC, participated in the 2016 Dairy Calf and Heifer Association Conference held in Madison, WI. During this conference many people from the various areas of the dairy industry convene in order to receive the latest and best information pertaining to proper calf and heifer management.

The history and progress of S&S Jerseyland was recently shown in the Wisconsin State Farmer. Click "Read More" to view the whole article.

Appearing In The Progressive Dairyman Magazine!

August 2016

Appearing In The Wisconsin State Farmer

August 2016

S&S Jerseyland was featured in The Progressive Dairyman magazine for having successful reproduction rates on the farm. 

"About a third of the way up the beautiful Door County peninsula, just before all the little towns and villages renowned for their fish boils, cherry orchards and stunning Lake Michigan views, is a dairy farm different than any other..."

S&S Jerseyland employees attended the Wisconsin Agribusiness Classic. Almost 2,000 working professionals attend this conference to network and learn about new technology, products, and services. Attending conferences is a great way for us to stay up to date with the newest technologies and research data and learn how we can

Wisconsin Agribusiness Classic

January 2017

apply this to our dairy.  There is also a trade show where attendees an meet with agricultural business from all over the country to learn about their company.

100% home grown

August 2015

Many of you probably have seen that we are currently breaking ground nearby. This ground breaking is exciting for the farm as we can finally say we are 100% home grown. We are going to be bringing our baby calves from off site to our new calf facility. This will make certain our calves are being provided with the special care each one of them requires and deserves.

a brisk morning at the farm
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