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Community Involvement

S&S Jerseyland Dairy likes to stay involved and give back to support the surrounding communities. Currently S&S Jerseyland Dairy awards a student each year with a local scholarship, gives tours, hosts the tractor driving safety course, and also helps improve the surrounding environment.

 Every year the Schmidt family offers a scholarship to those who are pursuing a career in agriculture. The scholarship application is given to the surrounding high schools for graduating students to apply for.

Agricultural Scholarships

Educational Tours


In the beginning of October CRI brought 60 individuals to come tour S&S Jerseyland Dairy through the Profit Tour program. This 15 year old program allows individuals to sign up from other countries to come visit different American agricultural industries. This year people from Germany, Czech Republic, Russia, Belarus, China, and Pakistan represented themselves during this tour. The tour is set up to be a training and learning opportunity for customers, industry professionals, and sales representatives all within the CRI Company. Bob Stratton, Associated Vice President- International Marketing with CRI stated, "We decided to choose S&S Jerseyland Dairy as one of our stops as they are very unique to the industry by having an all Jersey herd. They have also been good clients to us. Many people doT no know, but S&S Jerseyland Dairy is setting the bar high for the Dairy Industry always being proactive."

Every year the Animal Science classes from Southern Door High School come visit the farm and receive a farm tour. This allows the class to get a first hand experience on what the dairy industry is all about.  Southern Door agriscience instructor, Jeanna James, said "I really enjoy bringing my students to Jerseyland Dairy becuase it allows them a first person look at the things we've learned in the classroom." Jerseyland Dairy feels it is important for the youth to know where their milk products are coming from.

Source: Door County Advocate May 2014 edition

Attending the Door County Fair


Jereyland Dairy represented themselves at the 2015 Quality Market Animal Sale Program's live auction at the Door County Fairy Saturday August 1st. This is a program local youth are involved in. It is the youths responsibility to take care of any of the following animals: beef, hogs, lambs,

rabbits, or chickens and keep records of thier expenses and feed. These animals are shown at the fair receiving placings then sold in the live auction Saturday night. Jerseyland Dairy supported multiple youth by purchasing their project animal.

Source: Door County Advocate July edition

Educating the youth about proper tractor saftey is important to Jerseyland. Statistics show that 80% of all accidents are farm related with children under 16 years of age. By hosting this important class and giving youth the opportunity to become educated and certified will only help the agriculural industry. This also gives S&S Jerseyland another opportunity to give back to the community.

a brisk morning at the farm
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