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Meet The Crew

Tanner Schmidt

Tanner is the dairy manager at S&S Jerseyland. He holds the responsibility of making sure day to day operations are being executed properly. It is his duty to communicate with employees and service providers on a daily basis in regards to the implementation of protocols and cow comfortability. He is also responsible for making sure the quality feed the cows are fed meets S&S Jerseyland's standards. As mentioned in "The Schmidt Family," Tanner graduated from Southern Door High School and currenlty holds an Associate's Degree in Agricultural Business and Science Technology from Fox Valley Technical College.

Derek Schopf

Derek is S&S Jerseyland Dairy's main applicator. He is responsible for making sure all of the crops and soil are treated correctly before and after harvest. He graduated from Sevastopol High School and later attended UW- Madison, where he participated in Farm and Industry short course program.

Devin Schmidt

As mentioned in "The Schmidt Family," Devin attended Southern Door High School. After graduating, he earned his Associate's Degree in Agricultural Business and Science Technology form Fox Valley Technical College. Devin enjoys helping with the crops, fixing farm equipment, and managing the hauling system.

Josias Palomo


Josias is the maintenance manager at Jerseyland Dairy. He holds the main responsibilty of keeping everything on the farm running correctly. He works with the calf facility, shop, and cropping team.  He is also the person for the farm that is always networking looking for new employees for this farm as we continue to grow.


Kevin Fehl

Kevin is the herd manager here at S&S Jerseyland. He works with the nutritionists to monitor and adjust the diets of the cows. Kevin and the medicine team are in charge of keeping our cows safe and healthy for a successful milk production!


Raul Chavira

Raul is currently the parlor maintenance manager here at S&S Jerseyland Dairy. Raul makes sure all the Jersey cows are milked out correctly to ensure safe quality milk. He is also responsible for keeping the cows comfortable while they take their 6 minute ride on the rotary.

Raul and Yadira

Raul and Yadira manage the calf facility.  They work with several employees to make sure the calves are fed a good diet, that they have comfortable housing, and most importantly- that the calves are happy and healthy!


Milking Crew

Our milking crew is one of the many key assets here at S&S Jerseyland. They make sure all of our cows are milked adequately by following hygiene and safety protocols. This guarantees a unique, quality, and successful dairy produce.

Shop/Cropping Crew

The shop crew ensures all equipment functions safely and efficiently for the cropping crew to harvest and provide our cows with a healthy and nutritious feed!


a brisk morning at the farm
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