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Meet Buttercup

Did you know....

Buttercup was introduced into the family in 2014. She stands 14 feet. She is currently in the process of relocating on the farm. It is she that we use to promote the farm, the dairy industry, and the agriculture industry as a whole. Listed below are some fun facts.


Jersey Facts:


     Over 50% of Jerseyland's herd are registered


     The Jersey is the second most common breed under the Holstein


     Jersey milk is commonly used to make cheese and butter


     The Jersey can be found in other countries like: Canada and Africa


     A Jersey Cow can be all different shades of brown, but still be considered a Jersey


     The dairy industry measures milk in pounds not gallons



Compared to the Holstein:


     Jersey milk has 15-20% more protein and 15-18% more calcium


     The Jersey produces 32% less manure


     The Jersey produces 28% less nitrogen per day than other breeds


Milk Facts:

     Milk contains 9 nutrients your body needs

     Fresh milk will stay fresher longer if you add a pinch of salt to every quart

     To make one pound of butter it takes 14.5 pounds of milk.


     To make 1 gallon of ice cream it takes 12 pounds of milk.


     To make one pound of cheese it takes 9.25 pounds of milk.


     The avearge American consumes up to 25 gallons of milk a year.



Cow Facts:

     Cows can smell something up to 6 miles away

     A dairy cow can produce 125lbs of saliva a day

     A cow has to be a mom before she can produce milk

     Cows only have bottom teeth

     Cows don't sweat and would rather live in shade to keep cool

     All 50 states in the United States have dairy farms

     A new born calf can walk on its own, one hour after its born

     A cow has 4 digestive compartments

          1. Rumen

          2. Reticulum

          3. Omasum

          4. Abomasum

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