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The Schmidt Family

Top Row: Tanner Schmidt, Derek Schopf, Devin Schmidt, and Randy Schmidt. Bottom row: Ace, Kay, and Dena Schmidt.

           The Schmidt family has been involved in the farming industry since 1902 when William Schmidt purchased his first farm. Having been passed down and/or sold within the family over all those generations leaves current owners Adrian Jr./Kay and Randy/Dena Schmidt owning what is known as S&S Jerseyland Dairy. The entire family is actively involved in running this dairy each playing a crucial role in it's success.

           You can see Ace and Kay out and about throughout the farm. Ace was born and raised in this area graduating from  Algoma High School. He enjoys spending his time doing any task that needs to be done. Often times he will be out in the fields helping with the crops. If you want to visit with Ace, you can catch him at the Morning Glory restaurant getting his breakfast for the day. Kay also graduated from Algoma High School. She had two very important jobs, the first being  a stay-at-home mom and the second putting in many hours doing book work and helping out where ever on the farm.  Kay is still very active and involved with projects on the farm. She enjoys designing and putting together different landscaping projects. She also enjoys designing different scrapbook pages to add to her scrapbook.

           Randy and Dena are very busy managing the farm. Randy was born and raised on this farm graduating from Southern Door High School. He then received post-secondary education getting his degree as an electrician.  Before working full time on the farm, Randy worked for Marine Travel Lift while still helping out on the family farm. Randy, as you can imagine, wears many different hats. One day you may see him out driving a semi hauling crops off the field, and the next day you may see him sitting in on a day of meetings. Dena is also native to this area graduating from Sevastopol High School. She currently is active with the town of Forestville being their treasure. Dena is an active member within the farm ensuring that the office runs like clock work heading up personnel, payroll, accounting, and ensures all other record retention is done. Dena also handles other tasks that get thrown her way.  Where ever she is needed you can count on her being there.

           Randy and Dena have three boys who are actively involved on this farm. Each one of them has their own role to help with the success of the farm. Derek Schopf being the oldest son, graduated from Sevastopol High School. Derek attended the UW-Madison Farm and Industry Short Course program. He received his degree in Agronomy. He works out in the field attending to the crops while working closely with our agronomist to ensure proper field prepping.

           Tanner Schmidt, the middle son, graduated from Southern Door High School. He received his Associates Degree in Agricultural Business and Science Technology from Fox Valley Technical College. Since being out of school Tanner has been promoted to Dairy Manager expanding his network bringing new information to the farm. He now works with all aspects of the farm ensuring cow comfort and high quality milk is being produced. It is his duty to develop and fine tune the trained employees he works side by side with on a daily basis.

           Devin Schmidt is the youngest son and he graduated from Southern Door High School. After high school, Devin attended Fox Valley Technical College, where he received his Associates Degree in Agricultural Business and Science Technology. He now helps with the crops, farm machinery, and is in charge of the nutrient management compliance. Devin enjoys working the fields, but will be the first to admit his favorite job is merging hay.

           The Schmidt's look forward to the future of this farm. "Seeing it grow and develop is always challenging, but extremely rewarding" states Ace.


Derek with his sprayer

Tanner Schmidt with his semi

Devin Schmidt with his tractor and merger

a brisk morning at the farm
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