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Our Cows, Our Family

Here at S&S Jerseyland we treat out cows as family. We strive to provide our cows with exceptional care, because happy healthy cows produce premium quality milk. Our herd managers, milkers, nutitionists, and veterinarian make sure the cows are receiving nutritious meals, and have great medical care.

Maternity Crew 

The maternity crew has many important responsibilities.  They are incharge of caring for our pregnant cows and heifers and monitoring them while they are giving birth to their calf.  Once the calves are born they are closely monitored to make sure they are happy and healthy!

Genomic Testing

Our goal is to have the best quality milk we can possibly produce with the highest quality cows. All of our calves are currently being tested genetically to make sure we have the correct information regarding their pedigree. This gives Jerseyland Dairy an opportunity to find the best sire to mate with each heifer, to help increase the genetics in her offspring. Having good quality cows ensures that we are doing everything we can to improve our herd.

Calf Facility

Our calves are raised at our new state of the art calf facility.  By raising our own calves, we can make sure that they all recieve the individual care they need to grow into a healthy and productive cow. Our staff regularly attends trainings to stay up to date on the latest calf care management techniques.

Record Keeping System

Here at Jerseyland Dairy we have an extensive record keeping system.  One day a week we have "heard health."  This is a day where we do check ups on the animals to make sure there are no health concerns. Vital information from health checkups is entered into a computer software program.  The rations (diet) of the cows are also revised to make sure the cows are getting the proper nutrients.  Our animals are fed specific diets based on their age and milk production level.       

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